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Dell Laptop Mouse Driver Download Install Update

For direct contact with Dell please see the "General Support" section below. Scrolling in Chrome mirrors that of Edge. Scrolling you're actually used to seeing on a laptop. Everything else is noise. This is the real thing It work's with Windows Download the first file available from synaptic its around mb give or take. I don't have Windows 8, but I assume it would work the same. There are several Synaptic drivers to chose from including Windows 8. It took me awhile to understand directions, and fill them out completely.

If it doesn't work, then you either missed a step, installed the wrong driver on the wrong input device or something. It took me a little while to figure out. I had to rollback drivers, and use only my keyboard to do so I just want to say a few things.

Microsoft has continually blamed Dell, saying its a Hardware issue. Long story short, its actually a software driver issue. And there is a reason to it! If you want to really have a read about it, you can read it in the thread below. Optional link - to get the info on why Microsoft screwed up. It's hillarious and sad. I bought this laptop exactly 5 days ago. It is brand new. The same day I got it after using it for 8 hours straight, I found it completely unusable. I submitted an RMA out with Dell on it.

I still plan on returning it, as I have issues with Wifi and a busted keyboard. The ones to be released in October We'll see. I submitted the RMA request 5 days ago. Was told I would receive a reply in 1 business day.

I sent 2 follow up emails, and have not heard back even still. Please send me a PM. I did your homework for you, so that other customers will retreat to returning these devices to you. And yes, I've tried all the Chrome extensions. They are all horrible. They do NO good, infact more harm than not. Anyone saying those extensions solved all their problems, have no idea what they're talking about. Dell, if you're reading this You can tell Microsoft the reason your laptop is NOT rated 1 on Amazon, and because it only has 3 stars average on Amazon, is because of this malicious software driver of a touchpad they forced on you.

Not your fault entirely, but your fault for following them and not going with Synaptic or otherwise. I cannot take credit for this. So please, no credit due. I credit AgentSmith from the forum below.

Follow this to a T. I missed a step on the way, and it added another 45 minutes to my prolonging. Also, I did step 2 first, then 1. Install drivers first, then disable per instructions of 1.

Your mouse and touchpad abilities MAY go dead, just Windows key and restart. Go to device manager and locate "Human interface devices" node. Locate "HID-compliant touch pad" item and disable it. This is the part I missed, and I couldn't figure out what was going on - I also installed the Synaptic driver - the Autorun executable. Not sure if that was necessary or not, probably not. Installing generic Synaptics drivers: Download generic Synaptics driver here: Select "Update driver" from context menu and make it hard way: Windows will say that driver is not compatible.

You're on generic driver now. During phase 2 Windows may complain about missing digital signature at driver's package Synaptics' fault. There are 2 ways to circumvent it: Disable driver signature enforcement just google this whole phrase. This is easy but potentially creates security risk as from now any unsigned driver can be installed to the system.

Sign it with a valid certificate if you have one also requires installed WDK. I did mine by signing. From my experience, precision of generic driver is inferior to PTP, but it's free of PTP bugs and offers all extended features Synaptics has to offer. Or maybe it just requires tweaking it has so many parameters.

I tried this and the pointing is much more accurate but I lost all multitouch functionality and can't find the synaptics settings anywhere! I've tried absolutely everything to try to fix it. Extensions, settings upon layers of settings Until I found the above thread I posted.

Which references a Windows 8 fix I believe as the dates posted were pre-Win10 release. Here's a test for you - Open Microsoft Edge, and scroll. Now imagine that working in Chrome and other apps. It's a software driver issue. It's not actually the hardware. I'm still not completely inlove with the trackpad, still some hit or miss issues. After a few seconds it will work again. Happens at random times. Unless you're using Internet Explorer or Edge - then you're fine. However, if you're using Chrome or FireFox this is a major problem for alot of people.

I ran all the Windows updates last night - happened while I was resetting up the Synaptic drivers - as I had to restart about 5 times. Mouse sporadically moves position when I start typing, scrolling in Chrome is laggy, Deadzones Setting up synaptic not only made scrolling crystal clear, but also made pointing alot more precise. Ok I just read the part of it being an insider build. How do you get the insider build? So it's a problem with MS "Precision" Touchpad.

It happens with surface pros, dell xps, basically anything with the MS firmware. I feel somewhat bad for Dell for having been suckered by MS, though im sure they were compensated for neutering their hardware. I tried this but still get trackpad issues. All problems still persist after a couple of hours of using the laptop scrolling, moving, pointer disappearing I tried updating to an insider build and while it is better, it's still nowhere near edge.

Also I'm having tons of issues with the trackpad thinking I'm holding down a tap Update - after installing and rebooting, I'm getting some really weird behavior. Vertical mouse movement is different than horizontal. I just want my trackpad to work: I am not getting any more issues with my tap-to-click sticking, but the control feels off. I've noticed the vertical thing as well. It's a little awkward, but I've learned to just go with it - for the time being. You can change sensitivities in the new Synaptics mouse settings area.

There might be a solution for what you're asking. I think the remaining issues are with the hardware it self. It's not exactly a MacBook track pad.

Dell Laptop Mouse Driver Download

How to Activate a Dell Touchpad on a Laptop

After you upgrade your Dell laptop such as Vostro to Windows 10, the touchpad cannot work properly. When you touch the touch screen with your finger, the cursor has no response or disappeared. The two buttons also have no response. So the laptop touchpad lose efficacy. And sometimes after upgrading system to Windows 10, the touchpad is not recognized by Windows 10 and in device manager it shows yellow exclamation. So if your Dell touchpad does not working on Windows 10 or the touchpad is not recognized by Windows 10, you can try to use the solution of update Windows 10 touchpad driver to solve it. In some condition, maybe you think it is your touchpad function disabled by yourself.

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Dell Laptop Mouse Driver Download

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