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A print speed of nearly one foot per second for both text and graphics dramatically cuts print time even on long receipts. Print options are available to reduce paper usage by shrinking fonts or whitespace, further speeding up the checkout process. Epson wants you to get the most out of your hardware and built the TM-T88V to last.

The autocutter is rated to 2 million cuts, and the mean time between failure is a staggeringly high , hours about 41 years of use. Improved cover design adds protection against foreign objects, further extending the receipt printer's longevity. With an industry leading 4 year warranty, the TM-T88V Epson receipt printer is the last printer you'll need for quite some time. Cables are available below in the Accessories.

See all thermal receipt paper. Your cash drawer should open upon printing. If it does not, you may wish to troubleshoot cash drawer connectivity. As most Epson printers do not ship with driver discs, drivers must be obtained via the Internet. You may locate these drivers in two ways: First, you may find them on the product page for your particular printer; second, you may obtain a recent version of the Epson Advanced Printer Driver directly at this link: Perform a self test by turning the printer off, holding down the feed button, then turning it back on while still holding the feed button.

After the test page prints and you release the feed button, press and hold it for more than a second. When the next slip prints: Press Feed 3 times, press Feed a 4th time and hold for more than a second Press Feed 10 times, press Feed and 11th time and hold for more than a second Press feed 2 times, press Feed a 3rd time and hold for more than a second.

To change the memory switch settings on an Epson printer, you will first need to run a self test. After the self test print is complete, there should still be a light flashing on the printer.

Press and hold the FEED button until it prints again. The next page should be a short menu listing. Those options are the memory switch settings. Most options will be under the 'Customize value settings' menu. The way the menu selection works is by pressing the FEED button the same number of times as the number next to the option, then pressing and holding the FEED an additional time after that i.

Some printers come with the buzzer setting disabled in the printers internal settings. You can enable them using the memory switch settings: In order to configure that device for use on an existing Wifi network, you will need to make sure to plug in a mini-USB cable into the back of the interface card, and then plug that USB cable into the computer. This step is only temporary, and not a permanent means to using the printer. Once the printer has been connected to the computer, you will need to download, and run the EpsonNet Configuration Utility which can be downloaded from Epson's website.

Once the utility is installed, it should see the printer that is plugged into the computer with the mini-USB port. From there, you will be able to set an IP address to the printer, based upon what the IP range of your network is. If you have any questions or concerns in regards to this process, please give our technical support team a call for further assistance. Epson improved the performance and durability of the TM-T88IV's design while maintaining the ease of use you come to expect from their receipt printers.

Click here to compare TM-T88V models by feature. Today we're taking a relook at a video we created a couple years ago. The print speed has been increased on this but also some internal changing has been done on the printer.

The printer can print a lot faster than it used to be. Take a look at our older video where we compared the print speed from the 88V to the original T You can see a significant slow down whenever this had to print heavy graphics. So in that original video there was like a black bar that would print every other line and that black bar really caused this printer to slow down.

The T20II has been upgraded so that is no longer the case. The speed prints like you would expect it to print which is slower than the 88V but not significantly slower. We'll do another speed test here. So what we did is we setup both of these printers as kitchen printers. We're going to just add a bunch of items to the order. So as you can see the 88V still printed faster but not so much faster that this would be a hindrance.

So definitely an improvement on the T20 versus the older model. The price is about the same as the T20II as it was for the original T One big change on it is that the power supply used to be internal on the T20 and it is now external on the T20II. So there is a little brick that you'll have to hide somewhere under your counter or under a table. Before it was just a single cord. Which actually can be a good thing should a power supply fail you can replace it where before it was internal so once that power supply failed then your printer would have to be replaced.

The warranty is longer on the 88V so it, including the increased speed, the increased reliability there is a longer warranty on the T88V. High paced restaurants or retail establishments I'd still go with the 88V, I'd spend a little extra money and get the better printer but if you are on a tight budget and you're looking for something more economical the T20II is a good solution, the speed has definitely improved over the original T If you liked this video, if it was helpful to you, please visit us at www.

Sign up for exclusive POSGuys promos. Part of Epson Receipt Printers. Product Specifications Weight 3. Print Method Thermal line printing Print Speed In order to assure that the printer is sending a cash drawer kick command, do the following: Set both cash drawers to open before printing. How do I locate and install drivers for my Epson printer? Please use the following instructions to correctly install your Epson printer: Click to agree with the license terms, then click Next.

Click to select Standard , then click Next. From Select driver , choose your printer. In the Printer name field, enter your desired printer name, or leave the field as it is.

From Port Type , select the correct port type for your printer. If you desire this printer to be your default printer, click to select Set as Default Printer.

Repeat steps for each additional printer, then click Next. Click Next again to install your printer. Reboot your computer to complete your installation.

If you wish to test your printer, see our instructions for printing a Windows test page. A general rule of thumb is to verify your connections to your printer before installing a printer or if your having recurring issues of being unable to print. The printer has a power connector and, depending on what interface, a USB, Serial, or Parallel connection. Check all these connections before proceeding with an install or uninstalling a printer. Another common issue is that your printer may be installed on the incorrect port.

You can check this by opening up Devices and Printers or Printers and faxes if you are using WindowsXP , right clicking on your printer, selecting Printer properties or Properties if you are using WindowsXP , and clicking on the Ports tab.

Try selecting several different ports hint: Why is my USB printer not printing a Windows test page? If you are unable to change it from the LPT1 port, uninstall and then reinstall the printer on your computer. If this does not fix it, make sure you have up to date printer driver. The driver should be available from the manufacturer's website. If you need further assistance on this, please give Technical Support a call at or email at support posguys. How do you select the printer interface type with the memory switch on an Epson printer?

How do I use Memory Settings on a printer? I've enabled the buzzer for the Epson in the driver, why isn't it working? Send a test print to test the buzzer [Read More].

Right click on the printer and select the Printer Properties. Hit Apply and then OK. How do I install an Epson Ethernet Printer? My printer is using the correct cashdrawer cable for my printer driven cashdrawer and I've checked all the settings in the driver and software, but it still isn't opening.

The next step you can take is to check the internal memory settings on the printer and see if the buzzer is enabled.

External buzzers use the same port as the cash drawer and if the feature to use one instead of a drawer is enabled, the drawer wont function.

Normally this isn't an issue because the buzzer is supposed to be disabled by default. Turn off the Printer. Hold down the FEED button then turn the printer back on while still holding it. You can release the button once it begins to print. After the self test has printed, press and hold the FEED button for more than a second.

Epson Pos Printer Driver Linux

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Epson Pos Printer Driver Linux

Well, you are now familiar with printers. Of course, you know what laser and inkjet printers are, but how about POS printers? A POS printer is also a printer except that it is specialized to print receipts, normally as a hardware for your point of sale software such as Imonggo. A POS printer is normally smaller in size, and it prints very fast to about 8 inches per second. It also uses paper rolls instead of paper sheets. You should consider using a POS printer if you have to print receipts every day. It is certainly more cost-effective. Each brand also produces several models of printers. Epson is the most the popular brand among all of them because printing is their core business. Star, meanwhile, should be your choice if you are using Mac or Linux because it is the only company that has a software driver for Mac and Linux. Most POS printers either use dot-matrix or thermal transfer printing technology. A dot matrix also called impact printer uses a print head that runs back and forth on the page and prints by impact, striking an ink-soaked cloth ribbon against the paper.

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