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Brother Printer Drivers For Linux Ubuntu Install Update

This page is part of the UserDocumentation series of index pages. Please read the WikiGuide prior to making changes. A "Linux compatible" printer can be more problematic than a free software compatible printer as manufacturers have refused to cooperate with the community on support. List of recommended printers from the free software foundation currently unmaintained.

Linux Deal Browse Linux-compatible printers. Some printers in this list with free drivers are not completely free as they require a non-free plug-in to be fully functional. HP provides a list of printers and indicates free software compatibility.

This list contains both free and non-free software dependent printers. Many of the listed non-free software dependent printers do not work with newer editions of Ubuntu. Linux Printers - Read through Linux user reviews and add your own printer review. Manufacturer-Specific Installation Many of these printer manufacturers require non-free drivers or plug-ins.

HP has the largest selection of free software compatible printers. Some of the higher end laser machines from other manufacturers are at least partially free software compatible. Brother Printers - Install Brother printer drivers and utilities. Canon Printers - Install Canon printers using Canon tools. Lexmark Printers - Install Lexmark laser printers using Lexmark tools. Some Lexmark Printers are paperweights in Ubuntu, though virtually all of the better models support PostScript and work very well.

Take care buying low end printers of any brand. Lexmark Multifunction Printers - Install Lexmark multi-function inkjet printers xseries using Lexmark drivers. Samsung Printers - Install Samsung printers using Samsung tools. Xerox Printers - Install Xerox printers using Xerox tools.

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Brother Printer Drivers For Linux Ubuntu

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Brother Printer Drivers For Linux Ubuntu

Tested Printers have been tested on a currently supported version of Ubuntu. Both printer and scanner work perfectly. Or search for 'dummies' guides. Works except scanner only as root. It works like a gem when solved. Scanner also works fine using brscan3 driver ; the driver also needs activating. Printer and scanner both works fine after this.

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