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Client-side installations are for remote devices where the remote device advertises its services and the computer connects to it. Server-side installations are where the computer advertises services and remote devices can connect to the computer to use those services.

For example, a vendor could author a server-side installation to enable a PDA to print to a printer attached to the computer. When a user wants to use a Bluetooth-enabled device, the user should bring the device within range of the computer and initiate a connection from the computer to the remote device. The following is the installation sequence for a client-side profile driver installation.

Launch Bluetooth Devices in Control Panel to find all devices within range of the computer. If the Found New Hardware Wizard does not find an appropriate driver for the device, it prompts the user to insert the profile driver installation media that contains the profile driver's device setup information file INF file. To expose computer functionality that remote Bluetooth devices can use, you must write a user-mode installation application.

The installation application must communicate with the Bluetooth driver stack to create a service GUID for the functionality to expose. The following code example demonstrates how to obtain this privilege. Note, the example does not demonstrate error handling. A profile driver's INF file contains information about a Bluetooth device for client-side installation. All Bluetooth devices are members of the Bluetooth class. The Bluetooth class installer Bthci. You can restrict the Bluetooth driver stack to load your profile driver and software to run only on a specific release of a remote device by using Plug and Play IDs in both the remote device and the INF file.

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Bluetooth Svb Driver Download

Bluetooth driver Free Download

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Bluetooth Svb Driver Download

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