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Lg Laptop Bluetooth Driver Download Install Update

Here's what I did on my Dell Latitude E to pair the headset with the laptop and be able to set it as a sound playback device. Note - the Broadcom drivers didn't work for this laptop, regardless of what other people claim online.

If you're luck, you'll see two services, one for music, and one for telephony. Enable the music one. Showing changes from previous revision.

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Here's what I did: Install the BIOS update. This is not Bluetooth, but it did the trick. Boot up and uninstall any previous Bluetooth drivers. Try to install the Bluetooth Module Application - it should ask you to activate Bluetooth via the wireless switch. Surprise, things start installing. You should see this: If you don't, install the Bluetooth Application again. Right click and make that the default device.

Reboot into Windows and install the Dell Bluetooth Application. Connect the headset, right click on it, and choose Services.

Hope for the best. Most of the time, the piece of shit Bluetooth drivers won't work and you're shit out of luck. Revision by Dan Dascalescu , Did you like this post? Leave me a tip!

Lg Laptop Bluetooth Driver Download

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Lg Laptop Bluetooth Driver Download

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