Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3 Driver Mac Latest

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Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3 Driver Mac Install Update

To start the conversation again, simply ask a new question. Posted on Feb 9, 6: Feb 11, 6: Feb 12, Feb 18, Mar 6, 7: Apr 21, 4: Apr 22, 6: Jul 2, 2: Aug 24, 1: User profile for user: Safari Speciality level out of ten: The "Add" button is greyed out and there are no options in the drop down menu for the Kodak driver even though it's installed. I have installed the printer driver, uninstalled it and installed it again as the Kodak support team suggested, but no improvement.

The computer recognizes it and the camera that came with it and I can transfer photos. I was able to add my Canon i to the printer list easily and print with it. I emailed Kodak again and told them that their suggestion didn't work and I haven't heard from them since It is the latest version 5. Any help would be appreciated. The printer dock appears in the Printer Browser, but the Kodak driver isn't selected automatically and I can't find it by clicking "Other" either.

Reply Helpful Thread reply - more options Link to this Post. Have you downloaded the latest driver from Kodak's website? I also downloaded the Kodak Easyshare 5. I got a vague probably automatic reply from Kodak that basically repeated the installer instructions referring to "Panther" even though I'm using I can see the printer dock in the System Profiler, so it is connected correctly.

But when I try to add the printer dock, I can see it in the Printer Browser but the driver isn't automatically selected. The "print using" drop-down menu lists a dozen or so drivers e. The same driver installed fine on my wife's iBook running Panther. Raymond Stevens2 Raymond Stevens2. There is a new Kodak driver released for Intel Macs. Everything works for me now. Andrew Limtiaco Andrew Limtiaco.

It even said "Unsupported Device". This is what I did: I installed the EasyShare Program. I installed the 4. I download it, uninstall the EasyShare Program , then install 5. I haven't even install the EasyShare program again because I want to see if the Printer Utility will at least let me select the I finally see the "Kodak Drivers" on the dropdown menu. But I see that the Printer Utility still won't let me select the Can some Apple guru help me out here? I purposely disconnected this printer from the PC because I would rather use the Mac and I can't stand using my wife's computer.

I followed Kodak's Instructions by not connecting the until after I install the driver but that didn't do anything either. You help would be greatly appreciated. Also, has anyone successfully mated an EasyShare printer dock series 3 with the latest Mac Mini? It's always nice to know it has been done before so it makes the time invested feel worth it. I have tried downloading the Beta version of the Kodak easy share software.

It does not appear anywhere on my hard drive after installing it twice actually. About 24 hours ago I emailed Kodak support and got an automated reply that I would have help within 24 hours. Allen Bock Allen Bock. Install the driver package and connect the printer.

Click the More Printers button. Select Kodak Printers from the drop-down menu. When the driver is found and the printer appears in the Name field, select the Kodak Photo Printer - XXX printer you wish to add, and click the Add button.

The Kodak Photo Printer should now appear in your list of printers. Ask a question Reset.

Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3 Driver Mac

kodak easyshare printer dock series 3

The Bad Memory card reader optional; large footprint with awkward ergonomics; AC-only operation; clumsy software setup; few built-in printing options. The Bottom Line Top-notch photos and easy operation are offset by a big, clumsy design and expensive prints. If you have a yen for first-rate, 4x6-inch dye-sublimation prints and own a compatible camera, the Kodak EasyShare Printer Dock Series 3 should appease your hunger. Now compatible with more camera models, it offers one-touch printing from ImageLink-savvy cameras from Kodak a list of dockable models can be found on Kodak's Web site , Konica Minolta, Nikon, Olympus, Pentax, Ricoh, and Sanyo. For more generic compatibility, it supports PictBridge, as well as printing via a PC.

KODAK EASYSHARE G600 Driver Software Downloads

Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3 Driver Mac

Available 2 files for Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3. Before installing this printer driver Kodak Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3, read the following precautions: Before starting the installation of drivers, connect your printer Kodak Easyshare Printer Dock Series 3 to your computer, and that the printer is powered On. See your printer manual for details. Do not turn printer off, remove cables, or unplug the printer, or interrupt it in any way during the driver installation process. Close virus protection programs or other software programs that are running on your computer.

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