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Find Printer Drivers On Windows Xp Install Update

I also noticed that this is an add-on driver for this Canon printer which cannot be installed in Windows 7 directly. Therefore, you can try Windows Update and see if the driver can be downloaded. Also, you can download it HERE directly. Once the printer driver is installed, you can install aomwinea23us. By the way, it is always recommended contacting the hardware manufacturer directly for this kind of driver issues. The third-party product discussed here is manufactured by a company that is independent of Microsoft.

We make no warranty, implied or otherwise, regarding this product's performance or reliability. The add-on driver that you point to in Windows Update is what I believe is called a cabinet file. I have no idea how to install that. I recently added a Win7 computer and tonight successfully added the printer to Win7 and printed a few pages.

The link to these instructions is:. Very simple once I got the right procedure -- only took a minute to install and print a test page. Thanks go to badaxle I hope this is not too late to get a reply. I have the same issue. I have a Canon i connceted to a desktop running Win XP. I want to use the printer from my lapop over the network using the desktop as I had with my previous laptop.

It goes over a network and prints via the desktop. However, it appears that the driver doesn't load without the OS detecting a new device connected to the system. You're correct in saying that the Cannon file is only an enhancement to the generic driver. So how do I get the driver loaded without connecting a printer?

Can you identify the driver name and path and perhaps some tips as to how to get it loaded? I'll run the Canon exe after I get it loaded. I found a USB cable and connected the printer directly to the laptop. This results in the printer appearing as a local printer that is offline when the cable is disconnected.

The Canon functions are there for controlling the printer. However I have a problem when I try to connect the laptop to the printer over my home network via my desktop. This results in window that shows the local printer along with 4 printer it identifies over the network that are present on the desktop.

I can load the driver from the laptop if I knew its name and location. This site uses cookies for analytics, personalized content and ads. By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Office Office Exchange Server. Not an IT pro? Remove From My Forums. Windows 7 IT Pro. Windows 7 Installation, Setup, and Deployment. Windows 7 Installation, Setup, and Deployment https: Sign in to vote. I have downloaded the apparent required driver from Canon aomwinea23us.

Without the path the printer driver is not found by my Win 7 computer. Wednesday, June 2, Marked as answer by Linda Yan Tuesday, June 8, 2: Thursday, June 3, 8: Friday, June 18, The link to these instructions is: Monday, June 21, 4: Linda, I hope this is not too late to get a reply.

Thanks in advance for the help Bob. Friday, January 21, Hi, I found a USB cable and connected the printer directly to the laptop. So how do I find this driver on the laptop? Saturday, January 22,

Find Printer Drivers On Windows Xp

How to Determine if a Printer is Compatible With Windows XP

LBaughman Feb 12, , 6: I need to find the printer driver on my XP machine for my HP DT printer so that I can copy the driver to my Windows 7 machine because the universal driver on the Windows 7 machine is inadequate it won't let me print more than 1 copy at a time, and it won't allow me to select which tray to use; I have 3 trays. I am able to connect my XP hard drive to my 7 hard drive to get access to the contents, but I don't know where the printer driver is stored or what the file extension is. More about find printer drivers. Stuck with the Windows 7 driver. Can't find your answer? HP only lists the "" Laserjet drivers as being available in Windows 7 already which means you've already got the only ones available.

Need to Find HP Printer Drivers

Find Printer Drivers On Windows Xp

While Microsoft has removed Windows XP from the Hardware Compatibility List, there are still several ways you can find out if your printer is compatible with any XP computers in your office, starting with the printer documentation itself. The manual that comes with the printer or its carton might specifically tell you if the device will work with Windows XP. Most printers ship with an installation disc containing software and drivers. If it does, you definitely know the device is compatible. Generic drivers are helpful when an application, the operating system or other environmental issues prevent a printer from working correctly with its specific published drivers. A generic driver can also save the day if your printer is so old that an XP driver was never developed for it.

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