Basically the bios isn’t reading the SATA drive and therefore as far as it’s concerned it dosen’t exist. Do you already have an account? After this I generally have to reboot my computer. Need Abit SLI shadow card! Aug edited Aug

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Supports new version of Super IO. The settup program installs the files and reboots. Test your internet saga. I basically just wanted to use the thing for storage while still running off my existing Win XP installation.

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Did u come across the same prob Aro? Changed the default year to Only then can I start the windows settup routine. This is my Device Panel: And nothing has changed the problem.

AropredatorOct 8, hf7-s The abit logo is a registered trademark of abit. Once you update to this BIOS revision 12, backward flash to 11 and 10 is impossible. Powered with ill-gotten helium. It seems my joy has come to an end once more.


Do you already have an account? I believe the NF7-S v2 has the Sil controller.

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If I enable both the Raid bois takes over at boot and I’m told I don’t have enough hdd’s for this obviously as it’s reffering to a raid settup and I only have one SATA installed and if I abt out of that and continue to load the winsettup I get the error about no suitable media for insallation.

But after reboot I get and error message that says no hdd or something. Keep in mind that we cannot even get into windows sara install them so the usual ” use the latest Nforce drivers ” is not a valid suggestion Or replacing any of the hardware. I recently bought a abiy SATA drive and have been growing increasingly frustrated trying to get the thing to work. Basically the problem is that whenever i try and format the drive using windows disk manager my computer freezes.

By continuing to use this site, you are agreeing to our use of cookies. With default SPD setting, no problem at all and doesn’t need this update.


The default setting is “30 us” ; which is recommended by NVidia. If everything run nice, you can start try to overclock. Page 1 of 2 1 2 Last Jump to page: I have already updated the BIOS on my motherboard.

Reproduction and distribution in any form without permission is strictly prohibited. At last, I’ve found someone with exactly the same problem I’m wrestling with. Bookmarks Bookmarks Facebook Twitter Digg del. If I leave b2.0 for long enough I will eventually get some message about a buffered write failing can’t remember exactlyhowever the computer stays in it’s essentially frozen state. Added fan speed monitor support in the nVidia System Utility. Need Abit SLI shadow sbit I have had no experience with SATA hdd so can’t help you.

First release for NF7-V. Digital Home Digital Speakers.

BIN” files onto the floppy disk.