If you use the LCD a lot then the batteries get exhausted fairly quickly but will usually last long enough to fill two to four 4MB SSFDC cards full of pictures and still let you download them to the computer. At this size, it’s probably not a “shirt pocket” camera, but is certainly a coat-pocket one. The tiny Nano1 astronomy camera shoots for the stars The makers behind the Tiny1 astronomy camera are back with an even smaller shooter. Herewith are the key characteristics of the ePhoto , ranked in a completely arbitrary order reflecting our own personal biases and dispositions ;- Megapixel Zoom Digital Camera provides three resolution settings up to x pixels interpolated. The combination of these lens apertures, shutter speeds, and the official ISO rating would predict a usable illumination range of EV10 to EV Maybe this was one of the first batch and later models had the glossy finish? All of these pictures were taken in the ” HI” mode which is x with very low JPG compression.

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Environmental Parameters Min Operating Temperature. We confess to a few moments of confusion when we first encountered the camera, because the control interface was so different from the bulk of digicams we’ve tested to date.

Image Storage and Interface Like most digicams these days, the ePhoto has no memory internal to the camera for storing images. It’s hard to tell it from a real photo made by film and chemicals. Viewfinder The ePhoto eschews an optical viewfinder, relying solely upon the sharp 2″ LCD screen for this diigital. Needless to say that going from a 3: Available information varies depending on camera mode: In the past, we’ve been philosophically opposed to image interpolation as a way to get to higher image resolutions, but with PhotoGenie, we feel that the results are almost always superior to the original image, particularly if you plan to print the final result to hardcopy.


As one would expect, the storage capacity of the card is dependent on the resolution level at which you capture images. As ephpto all Imaging Resource camera tests, we encourage you to let your own eyes be the judge of how well the devices performed: I have noticed that the LCD image that is frozen on camra screen while the camera is storing the image is not always a proper representation of the stored image.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 – digital camera Series

On the slow MHz Pentium, post-processing actually took longer than the transfer itself, as much as 53 seconds additional on this mode image. Cameras by Aloysius Low Dec 6, Ephoti card will hold 12 images at H or 24 at S. Startup time is given as “less than 2 seconds”, but this is a little misleading, as it represents only the time required to wake from “sleep” mode, not from a power-off condition.

You can still see JPEG artifacts, diital they are greatly reduced relative to those in the unmodified camera image. This may well be because higher-end products cost many thousands of pounds and are considered a risk or unjustifiable expense by many photographers – photographers who would otherwise be keen to dip their toes in the digital water.

Camera determines light need Fill-in: You also need enough light for the camera to be able to bring the weakest color channel all the way to its maximum value in “white” areas, though: Camera determines the exposure setting Time value Shutter Priority: The on-camera flash may then be used to trigger studio flash units. Want to take better photos and videos?


Digital Cameras – Agfa ePhoto Digital Camera Review, Information, Specifications

Of course, the number of images stored on each card will vary, as individual images can be captured at varying resolution levels and saved on the same memory card. The blow-ups of sections of the chart, near the centre, at each of the five resolutions. Its design encourages a two-fisted grip, which increases picture-taking stability.

See Chip Shop May The underexposure was very consistent so it is easily corrected by using the EV overrides, that is what they are for, right?

We strongly recommend purchasing at least one additional set of batteries so you can have one set charging while using the other. The corresponding times for image playback are 7. In macro mode the autofocus range is 10cm to 1M in wide, 50cm to 1M in telephoto.

It weighs about one pound – g. When considering the possible suitability of a digital camera for professional use, I judge whether it could be used to capture images good enough for either full page, half page or quarter page in a high-quality magazine.

Agfa ePhoto 1280 (1997)

Normally, this would prevent the camera from being used to present slide shows including captions on images, or images which have otherwise been manipulated outside of the camera. All images are captured and stored in JPEG format. Explore the images e;hoto the pictures page, to see how well the ePhoto performed, and how its images compare to other cameras you may be considering buying.