But since the ticket starts to be a little crowded with comments, here’s a summary of the status quo:. Patches for AR support in ath5k are already submitted for inclusion. It then detects it as Atheros AR in dmesg: Okay, these drivers work fine for about a week. Plz give us some time to work some things out first and then we’ll ask for volunteers etc currently we’re stuck at some pci-e related issue, it seems that pci-e cards have a different wake-up process we need to find out before we continue This change has been made by an automated script, maintained by the Ubuntu Kernel Team.

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Although MAC is possible to match, it’s possible that PHY part is much different and athrros it won’t work at all ;- We’ll keep you posted if we get something useful, until then Sam has the key Car insurance companiess follow the numbers to a tee. Click Here to receive this Complete Guide absolutely free. The following wiki will also contain some additional information – https: But first make sure that no other version of MadWifi is installed.


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I’ve tried many methods but only this one was successful: Join Date Aug Beans 4. If so, attheros to a middle channel such as 3 or 4 i had to do this to get acceptable ping times also, make sure that all antennae are facing the same way, IE vertical or horizontal or at a 45 degree angle.

en/users/Drivers/ath5k – Linux Wireless

I’ve held off from upgrading to Intrepid as well. Atheros HW found [ It may be the minimum automobile insurance which is essential to have by state laws in USA. It linix like the tgz snapshots are corrupt. But it does work well.

Advanced Linux Sound Architecture v: Sam” answering a question about hal support for a device. The ticket is now closed.

Atheros Wirelss Module Driver for Linux

I’m using this on an Acer laptop with Arch Linux 2. And please make sure you provide more information there than just “it does not work”.

Thanks and I hope it helps. Every full coverage car lknux automobile insurance policy must cover tthe collision insurance. Before I changed the kernel it wasn’t working.

Atheros AR5BHB63

Also, it appears that you must reboot if you have loaded ar245 HAL of a different version this makes me deeply sad – it’s not Windows. I don’t understand all the intricacies.


I commented before that while the new drivers worked, but were unstable and half the time it didnt connect, turns out it was athefos network manager problem and after upgrading to network manager 7. Fixed by proski in r Bumping the tickets is likely to just annoy us. Debian User Forums Skip to content.

I am on another box. Linux Power User Bundle.

Waaaaay out West Texas Distribution: Original Description – for history purposes only, contains no instructions or information you need to follow today to get AR support:. Andreas Moog ampelbein wrote on I’ve had the problems on Hardy 32 and 64 bit. We have whined to them to no avail, but y’all, ar24255 originated the software that they are using, would be in a better position to insist on source linuxx release – perhaps to the benefit of everybody.

It’s a similar HAL as previous ones; means: