As far as matched quads I tried that they were very good specially the Raytheon’s but, from listening I discovered that a tube from two different brands sounded better then four from the same brand. The 6J5’s are exactly one half of a 6SN7 so two are needed, On the plus side because you use two tubes in one adapter you can mix two different brand names together and get the best that each tube brand offers!!! One that I won’t go into here. Good general purpose 6SN7 for audio or other uses. Can you get me a ride?

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Great bandwidth with gorgeous midrange. If not, what physically is different that makes it sound better? Jan 23, at 1: Just about idential to the ones above in sound. I’m only at the 33’rd degree of the glow b inatti cult.

These are virtually identical to the RCA red except the base is brown in color. However these are a few of the ones I’ve tried and their overall impression what they’re good for as well as a negative. Scott Frankland the F in MFA has written that they chose the because of its longevity 10, hours!!!


All I have to do is go outside and give them the finger. Sylvania6SN7’s produced 6en7 the ‘s and 50’s are the best sounding. December 27, – 7: Early version made during the ’50’s. What others have you tried?


Good sound and quality. The Lumi bewt are set to maximum yielding an astonishing gain ratio of 72db. SandAndGlassJul 14, An example of audiophile pricing: Upscale audio is always the best quality, but he does not have near the selection.

Unlabeled black glass tubes seem to be a challenge to identify? The Raytheon’s have a best all around sound s6n7 my opinion and the Sylvania’s are next minus the bass.

5692 Red Base

It can sound too sweet Details and compression with good tone Tung-sol 6sn7gtb. Your name or email address: What 6SN7 tubes work well in general? EncoreJul 14, I got a black glass tube for 99 cents- the auction was for a closed box listed as 6SL7.

Jamato here on head-fi swears by the sylvania 6sl7gt. Anyway, the top 6SN7’s 1. Contrary to popular belief, these do not differ from the standard 6SN7GT listed above.


This tube was first developed and produced by RCA.

Really unravels vocal lines on complex choral material. Have also been wanting to try the smoked glass Ken Rad vt’s because of their reputation for great bass but am reluctant to give up any of the mid’s and high frequencies I get with the Sylvanias. They also have long life cathodes rated at 10, hours of service.

6SN7 / Vacuum Tube List

Black bases Rarely available. Some of the have black coated glass, others have clear glass you need to specify what you want if it matters. November 20, – 6: From my research the black glass tubes are generally held in the highest esteem with tung sol, national union and ken rad being the pecking order.