You will see the following configuration. Click on the “Advanced Setup” link in the left side of the window. To create a network, go to: This modem has a usb port. Provide the above details and click next button. I was having a very hard time in setting up my linksys router with my mtnl beetel modem not the one you used in your post, but the method is same.

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You have bridged the desktop LAN to wireless. After filling the details mentioned in the above figure proceed to the following screen by clicking next. Obtain ut300r2 IP address automatically and 2.

At the end you will it300r2u EDIT button. Hi, Could you pls let me know how can I connect my PC with my laptop using the wireless adapter which is attached to my PC. Do you have any clue? How to share the internet connection among more than one Computer?


Then the following screen will be displayed. You will see the following screen. Then select Obtain an IP address automatically. Change this to something different and unique to you.

By prakashgis in forum Ut300d2u broadband.

How to configure PPPOE mode in UT300R2U, WA3002G4 adsl routers for BSNL DATAONE

So set Unique workgroup to all of the computers in the LAN. Fill exactly the details mentioned in the above figure and click on the next button will show the following screen.

Here is a good example: The figure below shows complete connection: Originally Posted by abj1.

This configuration is applicable to the following type of Modem: You are done and you should see something like this: That completes the Modem Configuration.

Send me a message. Subscribe here for updates on your email Enter your email address: Reset the modem to factory setting and re configure as mentioned in this thread. Can we use this modem for torrent downloading? Just click that button. I hav a doubt.

You can use the modem for torrents. Could you pls let me know how can I connect my PC with my laptop using the wireless adapter which ht300r2u attached to my PC.


Utstarcom utr2u driver for windows 7 | BSNL Broadband | India Broadband Forum

As long as port is open and internet is working, your torrents will work. Click on the apply button. After successful reboot click on the “Diagnostics” link on the left side they you should see the “PASS” status as shown in the following figure.

You will see the following screen. Hey just4kix, that you soo much for this thread. Failing on the last step Thanks bnsl this very detailed and well-written guide.

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