Article Copyright by Maju. The DeviceIOControl API sends a control code directly to a specified device driver and the device performs the corresponding operation. For more reference about enumerating network cards, please go through this MSDN link: Post as a guest Name. M for his valuable post on WLAN

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Hi, I’m getting a driver handle open error on the CreateFile line.

Conclusion This article demonstrates how to query I know it is deprecated and so I also added portability for later versions with WlanGetNetworkBssList and it’s working well. Since WMI is buggy,i don’t recommend it. VS newbie 1-Nov Driver Development Part 1: Hi, I need your help to write an code for following requirements using C.

c++ – DeviceIoControl error 87 for OID__11_BSSID_LIST – Stack Overflow

Thus, an application can send this request directly to the system port driver for a target logical unit only if there is no class driver for the type of device connected to that LU.

Deviceioontrol really want to get the signal strength of the Wince wireless network. Sign up using Email and Password. Do I need to do a registry change or something to make this work? Keith Mann 4-Jan I’m interested in querying using C in VS prof edition Thanks!


How to query miniport driver information (802.11 OIDs) using the DeviceIOControl() function

An NDIS miniport driver has two main functions: Read about this change in our blog post. Alon Ronen Dec If you have to work on Windows XP, where the API is not available, then you might need to ding around with other techniques. M Software Developer Senior. Pro Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Sign up using Facebook.

The code is the following: Check error code with system error code and verify why it is failing. Using on Linux yasserbn 3-Jan In this case, the device is a wireless network adapter.


WriteLine ” Received Signal Strength: Our new feedback system is built on GitHub Issues. Your help is appreciated! Just identify the correct service name for your wireless card from registry and specify it in ‘printSignalStrength’ function.

Public, Private, and Hybrid Cloud: Using the code In this article, I will show you a C console application which queries the signal strength of the currently connected wireless network. As a sample, we have seen querying the signal strength of the currently connected wireless network. As an example, we will see how to query for the signal strength of a wireless network. How to get the wireless device info. By using our seviceiocontrol, you acknowledge that you have read and understand our Cookie PolicyPrivacy Policyand our Terms of Service.


No, It can not be used. I’m using Visual Studio and Windows 7 for my development eviroment.

I’m a newbie in C I would appreciate any help on how to use DeviceIOControl funtion in querying for the signal strength of a wireless network using Visual Studio Prof edition.