Regarding a support of MP3, you would not write your melodies. The hardware raliasation of the MP3 player is very nice and compares in a way to that of Sony Ericsson K belonged to another class. The restriction of melodies accessible as ring tones does not permit assigning personal melodies to a large amount of entries of the phone book. Listening to MP3 player for about 2 hours a day and the same time of talks reduce battery life to 2 days. Unfortunately, all the 20 preinstalled melodies are in the format of midi and they sound rather poor. The device has 10 templates preinstalled. LG G – Reviews Sorry, reviews are closed for this device.

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The handset has a message counter that is quite uncommon.

If both these constituents functions correctly, we should see lgg actually it allows us. On the whole, considering a little number of functions, calling them does not pose problems and, the main thing, the MP3 player has its determined button.

Subjectively, the image on C65 looks better owing lt the grain size. In the settings you can select the fields to fill up originally.

As with LG G, the stated number of colours is merely a marketing course. Calculator, unit converter, currency convector, and world time function are quite usual.

Besides a support of a controller, there is a need of using correctly a colour profile as it belongs to software. The model has a wap browser of 1. A pressure of a number in the main menu results in switching lh the corresponding item, but at the second level a pressure of a number does not select an item, but backlights it though.


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LG G – Offers. By this example one can see how the company of LG treats the customer. Listening to MP3 player for about 2 hours a day and the same time of talks reduce battery life to 2 days. Other settings are actually lacking and we have nothing to review.

Operating System controls all basic operations of the computer such as smartphone, PDAs, tablet computers and other handheld devices.

I do not presume to judge how much this realisation is more comfortable.

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Alert types Vibration; Downloadable polyphonic, MP3 ringtones, composer. The file manager permits you to review the memory contents and see the capacity of spare memory.

The MP3 player realization is rather good, nevertheless one should change the standard headphones. Have something to add?! Media Audio Playback Up to 3 h. Those who like to make an experiment and enhance the call volume of MP3 melodies should turn to the engineering menu.

Nevertheless you can rather get accustomed to it and the further operation the keypad is quite easier. The device sold by the Korean company of LG is essentially created by the Taiwanese manufacturer Phoenix on basis of a chipset by Dart Technologies also a novice in the phone market, still the world’s leader in the province of DVD chipsets.


The models have no rivals in the class by these two features and not a single similar product has entered the market. Still you could not assign a melody to messages, but there are only 8 preinstalled melodies.

The dye is not scratch-proof and the handset should be carried apart from any other things. To my mind, it is partial. The playback list is rather simpler f1800 form on a PC. The device has several profiles and for each you can choose a mode and a ring tone.

The device’s localisation is carried out traditionally to the company of LG and you should not expect adjusted translations, but one will soon understand what it is all about. Text can be entered either by letters or with L using.

This applies to both caller groups and phone entries.

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Themes hide mere colour decoration of the menu. This palette support does not theoretically mean its realisation. It is interesting that when viewing a caller enlisted in the phone book a user see the phone number in a pop-up window.