Complete the software setup and reboot your system. User is responsible for determining whether the 3M Touch Systems, Inc. This will bring up, one at a time, 25 linearization targets on the display. You may need to redo the Sensor Frequency at this time. These targets are yellow to begin with. Use the Touch Settings tab to define the touch actions that equate to mouse actions and add right-click functionality to the touch sensor.

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Turn off both the computer and the display, wait a few minutes, and then turn on each device again. Right-click Tool Buttons Are Swapped Using imcrotouch control panel, it is possible to change which button on a mouse generates the “left” and “right” clicks.

Copy the new xorg.

User guide | 3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide

These options are available only if your system has a pen controller. The drivers included in MT 7 will support the following: This is the MT7 driver searching your serial ports for touch controllers.

Changing this field will affect your multiple display setup. This replays the installation you recorded above. Any time you adjust the frequency you should test how the sensor is working and verify you are satisfied with the operation of the sensor. If you accept the agreement, the program produces a tar.


Do not pull on or stress flex tail. Customers appreciate 3M’s total solution approach of providing a complete touch system sensor, controller and software developed microtouchh a dedicated 3M engineering team that has been thoroughly tested to perform as expected in the field, helping reduce customer design cycle and testing requirements.

Touch Sound Select audible beep on touchdown, liftoff, or no beep at all. Some versions of the X.

3M™ MicroTouch™ Software MT 7 User Guide |

Places an icon on the desktop that allows Follow all instructions and recommendations in the alcohol manufacturer’s Material Safety Data Sheet and product label. When you want to select an item, lifting your finger off the sensor will cause a button down, short pause, and then a button up to occur.

Certain ,icrotouch come with a button that can be used for right-clicks. After you have selected the right-click option and then touched the screen causing the right-click menu to appear, the mouse will microtoudh revert back to its original left-click state. If the X Windows system restarts, you may proceed with the MT mtt installation.

This creates the directory twscreen in the current directory. This position is calculated upon liftoff and when you remove your finger, the target should turn red.


It will display unique identifiers for each controller attached to your system in a drop box. The first method is to create XorgConfig.

A good test is to go to the Draw program and hold your finger steady on the sensor. The default setting is no beep on touch Beep off. Finish by restarting your system. You cannot use your finger to make a selection. The double-click speed defines how quickly you must touch the sensor for the system to interpret your actions as a double-click. This is the active button. Changing this setting will affect the double-click setting of the mouse.


After touching the sensor, quickly lift the pen and release the button. Close MT 7 software if it is open. To continue and install click Next. This will bring up, one at a time, 25 linearization targets on the display.